Bigfoot Hoax

Perhaps you are already aware… or perhaps you were made aware by PZ Myers:

Or the Skepchick:

Or the Skeptoid:

In case you are not aware, let me fill you in. I decided a few months ago to create my very own hoax video.

I chose bigfoot because it didn’t seem like anyone could get hurt from my hi-jinks (so far, I don’t think anyone has). I also asked a lot of skeptics to feel free to debunk it. As you can see they came through with flying colors.

I thought this might inspire some crypto’s to ‘defend’ or ‘promote’ the hoax. There was a problem, however: You see, I assumed that I had already learned a lesson that apparently I had not. I assumed that I had already learned the lesson that “less is more.” I ASSUMED that ‘less’ than a second of clear footage would get me the ‘more’ of what I was looking for. APPARENTLY a split second of clear footage is a split second too fuckin’ much!

Even the Oregon Bigfoot lady wasn’t convinced:

And this dildo sells memberships to see her collection of smudged and blurry photos.

(actually, that’s not fair. As my female friends point out to me, dildos actually have a function.)

The Biscardi Factor

Of course, not every crypto suddenly turned skeptic. I received an e-mail from Tom Biscardi’s secretary asking me to call him up. I did. After about ten minutes of lying through my teeth the guy asked me to drive to Vegas that weekend and if I had the “real deal” he would make me “rich and famous.” I tried to talk him into just getting me an interview with an LA based news organization, but he wanted to meet me personally.? After this I decided to throw in the towel.

On the one hand, the man is determined not to be fooled, at least not by anything that’s not good enough to fool everyone else. On the other hand, the man gave me his personal phone number, and he was more than willing to give up his time and energy in order to check me out. Assuming that he actually watched my video you have to ask, “what’s his angle?” Or, “Is he just gullible?”

For my money, he’s been in this “business” way too long to be gullible. He was fast talking and did not like taking ‘no’ for an answer.

If he was the only way to take this hoax to the next level, I didn’t want any part of it.? It was time to come clean.

The Punchline

PS. The Makeup

Despite all the negative comments on the hoax video, the makeup did take a lot of time, money, and effort. I had to get that shit glued on my face for three fuckin’ hours and I think it looks pretty fantastic. Mad props to my makeup girl Christina Voigt.

  • OrNot

    Wow! Hipster douchebags make fake bigfoot video for the lulz only to land with a resounding “who gives a fuck!” Don’t quit your day jobs.

  • Dixie Normus

    A self licking ice cream cone.

  • Christina

    It was fun, we should do it again. ;)

  • Jewel

    This was brilliant.
    Good job, and well thought out.

  • Jen