The Great Apple Experiment: TIME TO VOTE, YO!

Ok, so over the course of a week I gave a slice of apple all the hatred I could muster and my friend Larissa gave a slice of apple more love than just about any piece of fruit rightfully deserves. There were also two slices that were left to their own devices. Now is the time to determine if any of our negative/positive/neutral influences had an affect on the apple slice’s rate of decay.

The order of the apples was determined by the roll of a die. After I’ve collected enough data I will reveal which apple slice is which. So please tell your friends. I realize that this experiment probably doesn’t invite as much traffic as our usual brand of “dick-kickin’-fun” so if you could post this to your blog/facebook/myspace/etc. that would be awesome. Thank you!

Apple A

Apple B

Apple C

Apple D

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  • Erwin

    And… the results?

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!