Reaching out to Skeptics…and getting kicked in the nuts!

(Listen to my mini-interview with Richard…before he kicked me in the junk)

(<– BTW Part Two of Ghost Hunters is up)

It has been a thrilling month for me. I’ve finally gotten out from behind the camera and keyboard, and decided to meet the “Skeptics” face to face. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Me and my artistic director Jen Brown went to a ‘skeptics in the pub’ meetup thing. It was pretty fuckin’ awesome. We hung out with several members of the IIG and discussed a whole range of topics over beer and pizza.

A few days later my whole crew and I (me, Matt David, and Jen Brown) went to the IIG award show in Los Angeles. We hung out with some of the cast of Mr. Diety, saw Michael Shermer accept an award, and I finally got to personally thank Brian Dunning for all of his help with the Bigfoot Hoax. It was nothing short of a fuckin’ blast.

My month was not complete yet. No, no, no.  A couple prominent skeptics from Australia came down to the OC for a few drinks. I’m, of course, talking about none other than Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachel of the Skeptic Zone podcast. They were the first fine folks to run my audio spot on their podcast so I had to meet them, shake their hands, and get kicked in the nuts :) Richard also asked me a few questions: here

They were not the only kind folks to run our audio spot. Here is a list of the podcast episodes with our audio spot:

Since then I’ve made a hell of a lot more Facebook friends (always feel free to add me) and I even volunteered at CFI’s book sale, where I received my very own copy of James Randi’s Flim Flam. That’s correct, I did not own Flim Flam until last month… I just hadn’t gotten around to it… I’ve been busy filming… fuck you for judging me!

I also grabbed my very own copy of the Mythbuster’s issue of Skeptic Magazine :) It’s sold out, you know. In yo’ face!

I even managed to grab some of DJ Grothe’s previously owned books.

So is this a new found attitude of proactive skeptical activism for the pwner? Maybe, I don’t know. What I do know is that I will not be able to resist going to more Skeptical events and if that makes me proactive than so fuckin’ be it.

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