Who can help me be succesful? Utilizing your resources is crucial!

Managing a campus group can be hard- especially if you’re new to the whole process. Tips and tricks are helpful, but sometimes not enough. If you’re just starting out and feeling clueless, or if you just need some fresh insight, it’s important to remember to use ALL your resources. Below are some things to keep in mind if you need an extra hand.

1) Professional organizations WANT to help you! You’ve heard it a million times, but it can be intimidating to approach such a big group. Just remember that orgs like the Secular Student Alliance and CFI are just as stoked on what you’re doing as you are, and are incredibly helpful, especially with legal matters. They both offer a number of services from professional advice, to tabling supplies, to project grants- don’t be afraid to reach out!

2) Local ‘adult’ groups. It’s likely that there is an already established group of people in your community that would love to help out a few students with similar vision. They’re are both likely to be well established and probably able to help your ground financially, if you ask nicely.

3) THE INTERNET! Obviously you already know about the wonders of the interwebz, but don’t forget to check out helpful YouTube channels, local meeting place sites and new and upcoming social media resources.

4) Don’t forget about the opportunity to co-sponsor an event with another campus group! Team up with your school’s LBGTQ group to bring in a big name speaker, or the republican group to hold a heated debate. Things like this are likely to increase your attendance to an event AND hold the opportunity to split costs for groups that are still finding their footing.

The bottom line is it’s important to remember that everyone wants to see you, and your group, do well. Reach out to people that are willing to help you, and don’t ever be afraid to ask! Do you have questions or problems with managing your campus group? I want to hear them! Email me at jessicaswider35@gmail.com

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