Sophomore Slump

“Get your second project done as quickly as possible so you can move on to your third”
– Ed Chigliak*

I’m a firm believer in getting my ‘rebound’ out of the way as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I usually don’t. However, due to the goading of the Skeptoid, I managed to bust out this little ditty:


She may not be much to look at, but she’s kind of cute, fun(ny), and gave me a good old nostalgic feeling about my early days of filmmaking. The days when I avoided using ‘cuts’ because I wasn’t sure if my “Windows Movie Maker” would be willing/able to process the fucker. Days when we had no lighting. Days when we had no rehearsal, and didn’t bother memorizing our scripts. I didn’t think I would miss those days, but I seriously do.
Here’s what you have to understand: filmmaking is a pain in the ass. Even a 2 minute scene usually takes a couple hours of prep time, several crew members, thousands of dollars of equipment, etc. On top of this you usually have to worry about people actually showing up. Sometimes I write in ancillary characters just in case we are missing an actor or crew member (entirely interchangeable on my set).
Now take all this effort, and add the fact that we are all self-involved artistic egomaniacs who, for some reason, decided to work in an industry that can only function through teamwork. Now double–No, TRIPLE your efforts, and realize that you’ve only improved the quality of your movies by a slight margin. A “margin” that none of your non-industry friends will ever notice.
Anyways, it was fun just kind of ‘winging’ it for a night.**

Thanks, Mr. Dunning!

ps. If anyone reading this was in the background of the video and wants to be credited, let me know.


*I went through 8 discs and ‘scrubbed’ over 40 episodes of Northern Exposure to find that fucking quote.
**Though I was still shooting with a 28mm prime on a Canon t3i, and using a Rode mic attached to a Zoom H4n. All of which was mounted on my new P&C Gearbox. That still counts as “winging” it in my book/on my set… whichever sounds better.



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