The Odds Must Be Crazy: Two Blokes Broke Spokes


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A few weeks ago, I was heading to my local bicycle shop to get my bike
repaired. Just as I was about to enter I heard “hey, John.”
It was my friend and coworker Leeman Parker. “hey Leeman Parker,
what’s up, man?”

Though it was a nice surprise, I wasn’t too shocked to see Leeman. We live
in a similar area. We both frequent this bike shop. And, having the
same job, we have a similar schedule.

Then Leeman explained, “just need a fix; one of my spokes fell out.”

“Oh snap! One of my spokes fell out, too.”

“On your back tire?” Now even Leeman was surprised; no small feat
for a man who is usually described as a comedic robot.

Yep, we both had a single missing spoke in our back tires. I think it’s
important to note here that we have very similar tires: street tires
or what the kids call ‘slick tires’, I believe. Though Leeman’s bike
is a one gear bike, whereas mine is a full road bike. That is, he has
a “fixie”, and I’ve got a badass racing bike. He’s got
something usually associated with emasculated hipsters, and my bike
might be what Lance Armstrong uses to go to the store. I’m just
explaining that I’m awesome so Barbara Dresher doesn’t have to waste
any of her analysis time going over that point. Though I do
appreciate the thought, Barbara, thank you. So we have very similar
tires, we ride on the same streets, during the same hours, for almost
the same distance. It’s only likely that we will experience similar
damage on our bikes. However, neither Leeman nor I have ever had a
spoke break on us. Not on these tires, not on these bikes, not on any
other bike in any other city we’ve ridden… In our lives… EVER!…
BAM!… The Odds Must Be Crazy!

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