Phil Plait’s Bad Universe [Skeptically Tuned (episode 3)]

[Trigger Warning: 01001100111101011110]

[NOTE: This is usually where I would place the transcript of the episode because usually the transcript reads like most any other review. However, this particular episode was heavy on the clips and photography, so it makes little sense, and wouldn’t do anyone any good. ]

This is the first negative review I’ve given to a ‘skeptical’ TV show. As a result, it’s much longer– bad things are often bad in a much more diverse way than good things are good. It’s also NSFW, so heads up.

Three years is enough time to finally admit that this was a terrible show, right? I hope so.

I hope you enjoy!

See you at TAM!!!

Thanks for watching

Matt David
Karus Marshall-Walsch
Jen Brown
Matt Grashaw

John Rael
Eden McFadden
Jen Brown

Special thanks to those who gave a ‘shout out’ to Phil Plait: Jen Brown, Brian Hart, Cherry Teresa, and Michael Brody

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