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RSS Migration Time!

Hello Skeptic Freethought subscribers! If you haven’t noticed, we’ve totally revamped our site layout, and our authors now have their own individual spaces. This means, that if you still want to get all the content from all of our wonderful authors, old and new, you’ll have to switch your feed over. (To apply to become a new author, check this out.)

This feed will still be active, but will only be getting guest posts submitted to Skeptic Freethought (submit one here!), and occasional site¬†announcements¬†like this. You’re welcome to keep it, but it will probably be a little slow and boring, just saying.

To get the new feed click this huge link:

New Skeptic Freethought Network RSS

P.S. Just want to also say thanks for your subscription. We hope you stay with us as we continue to expand and grow!
P.P.S. We also hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, and have a great New Year!

The Admin Team