I’m sure by now all 20 of the visitors to my new blog have read the “About” page over and over again in eager anticipation of my first post. I wasn’t sure what to write so I thought I’d make a little introduction that explains some of my identifiers, introduces you to Troll Kitty, and lays out what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

I’m a queer bi-identified lady slut. I use queer as an umbrella term for the lgbta(etc.) community and also as a personal identifier to signify that I am not straight*. Bi-identified, or bisexual, is my more precise sexual orientation. I use bisexual to mean one of two definitions: I am attracted to at least two genders, and I am attracted to my same gender and others. Both definitions work for me personally, and depending on the context I may flip from one to the other. I call myself a “lady slut” because I’m polyamorous, and also to poke fun at the “slut” accusations that get thrown at bisexual ladies.

This is Troll Kitty, also called Starbuck**

evil incarnate

I found him on my porch almost two years ago and he’s been enriching my life/making it a living hell ever since. He comes to me when I call him. He greets me at my car or the front door. He sleeps and naps with me. He never swats or hisses or growls at people. He only scratches on accident while playing. He sometimes destroys my toilet paper and tries to eat tampons. He deliberately walks between my feet to make me trip and be more on “his level” aka face-down on the floor. And he wakes me up in the morning when I would rather be sleeping in. I love him. He is babby.

I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder with general anxiety, but that diagnosis is a few years old. At this point, I honestly think I might actually have Bipolar II with PTSD, but I don’t have the money or resources to see a psychiatrist to confirm. I talk about living with mental illness almost daily, and a large portion of my posts will be devoted to this subject.


My internet moniker is Dirty Nerdy. I’ve been using it pretty steadily for a over a year now as the co-host with Dori Mooneyham on The Secular Shethinkers. Unfortunately both of our lives took some unexpected turns this year and we’re unable to do more episodes right now, but the existing episodes are still available on Spreaker.

This blog will be my outlet to discuss feminism, Troll Kitty, my mental illnesses, and pretty much anything else I want to talk about. I tend to discuss personal experiences, but I try to intertwine that with data from studies as much as possible. I want to use this blog as a jumping off point for me. The past year has been incredibly difficult, and I’m hoping this blog can help me sort through some trauma, maybe educate others about what it’s like living with mental illness, and also be a way for me to get back into creating something meaningful.

For now I will have comments turned off because anxiety! imposter syndrome! but feel free to send all your lovely praise using my contact form.
*Straight being defined as a person who is cis and heterosexual

**Battlestar Galactica, not the coffee shop

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