Help me eat and put gas in my car and stuff

Hurray for me! I finally figured out how to properly install a paypal donation button on the sidebar! *throws confetti*

That's a good idea, Business Cat
That’s a good idea, Business Cat

If you can, and you like me, and you like the idea of me eating food and being able to drive places and maybe pay my therapist one of these days, please click the donate button. You get to choose how much my writing is worth to you!! *throws more confetti*


For a little background info on my financial situation:
My fiance left me six months ago. This coupled with severe depression led me to quit my job. Then my secondary job no longer needed me after Thanksgiving. I also spent all my savings just before the break up on wedding crafting supplies, buying a wedding dress, and down payments to venues, so I’ve been in a hole for a while. I now live with my mom thanks to a combination of no_money! escaping_an_abusive_situation! and depression! I occasionally am able to pick up extra cash by babysitting my brother’s toddler, but right now that’s about the only job I can handle physically, mentally, and emotionally. Any help sent my way would be greatly appreciated.


Jesus fucking Christ, my life is depressing #depressionshenanigans

Anyways, for practice, I also added the button here. Look how tech-savvy I am become!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

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