Legend of Korra

Every post is going to start with my apologizing for not writing anything…so sorry. Last week I fell to the communists, which means lots of me writhing in pain and misery and my depression being ten times worse.

I didn’t write anything, but I did start watching Legend of Korra with a friend of mine. I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I’ve been wanting to watch this for a long time. The following is my facebook feed with my impressions of the first seven episodes:

All of my friends have been telling me to watch this show, so they were pretty excited when I announced it.

There were about 20 comments on this consisting mostly of “OMG i love this show!” and also others arguing over which season is best


Almost every time Tenzin said anything about bending I heard it in Bender’s voice.



When the Equalists showed up in the first episode, I expected it to be a riff on MRA’s and supposed “humanists” but it turns out they have some valid points…at first…


Then I got distracted by the teenage romance drama.

Oh, fyi, the only thing I knew about this show going into it is that Korasami is canon, so…



This is when I start feeling conflicted about the Equalists



Again, everything Tenzin says I hear as Bender…


Back to the romance stuff…


Omg, can we talk about how much I love Bolin?? He’s silly and goofy and adorable and I swear, drunk!Bolin is me.


This is true. You can ask the friend I was watching with. I could NOT stop laughing at the announcer guy.


This is where the big super serious conversation happened about the Equalists. Also some flirting. I tried to assign everyone a color, but forgive me if I fucked up somewhere.





Yeah, I jumped right on that Korasami ship



You can see I’m still a little conflicted about the Equalists. Seems a lot of the Equalists who aren’t activists or part of the grand conspiracy are just normal people sick of having to deal with gangs of benders destroying their cabbage shops.


Ok yeah, it took me a minute to remember that running gag from the original series. Still though… am I to believe that a Cabbage Corp produces some sort of cabbage-mobile that is in competition with the sato-mobiles??


My response to [dark grey]’s comment from that other thread deserved its own post


Yeah, my love for him runs deep. Please tell me nothing terrible happens to him…


Sadly the friend I was watching  with actually has a job and stuff and I had to go home before I could binge watch the entire series in two days. We’re supposed to hang out again Thursday or Friday and watch some more though.



Ok, lemme publish this and then I promise I’ll write a real post #depressionshenanigans

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