Dear queer people: Let’s make straight people as uncomfortable as possible

Cn: discussion of queer oppression and violence against queer people, including self harm

Brooke Sopelsa wrote a piece (won’t say of what) for the Huffpost Gay Voices portal titled “Dear Queer People: Let’s Stop Making Straight People Walk on Eggshells.”

Dori Mooneyham already wrote a wonderful response here, but I wanted to get my voice in there too.

First of all, straight people are not walking on eggshells. Seriously. My family still says openly homophobic and bigoted things about queer people in front of me. Until recently (the last six months) my straight friends would over run every status I made on facebook related to queer issues.

The only way I got my family to stop saying bigoted things around me was to say I would just leave (even that didn’t completely work for one family member, so I keep them at a distance).

The only way I got my straight facebook friends to stop overrunning my queer statuses was to delete every single comment made by straight people and openly remind them once a month not to comment on my statuses tagged as #justqueerthings
When straight people “break an eggshell”, more often they end up hurting a queer person. So it’s more like straight people are stepping on jello eggs…

These are not the actions of people walking on eggshells. These are the actions of entitled straight people who think that their every thought on the subject of sexuality is needed and/or valid. These are the actions of entitled straight people who can’t be bothered to remember the 101 stuff I taught them in my last derailed thread and force me to teach those lessons over and over again.

Even if some straight people feel they are walking on eggshells, what is the consequence if they break a shell? A queer friend or family member or acquaintance gets mad at them? So what? They can text or message a half-hearted not-pology and then be on their way as if nothing happened.

What is the consequence if a queer person breaks an eggshell? They get murdered. They lose their job. They lose their housing. They lose their financial assistance. They lose their family. They get raped. They get sexually assaulted some other way. They get kicked out of school. They get harassed. They kill themselves.

You know what? I think straight people SHOULD be walking on eggshells. They are so steeped in a culture of heteronormativity and queerphobia that they SHOULD be paying extra super close attention to their words and actions around and about queer people.

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