Happy Caturday! Now that i live at my mom’s house, Starbuck is having to learn to get along with three new cats: Eileen, Isis and Ewok.

These are their stories.

The other day Eileen told on Starbuck for sleeping in her spot on my mom’s bed.

Today, Isis did something similar.

He was meowing at me and I couldn’t figure out why. So I got up and he started walking away, stopping every few feet to make sure I was following.

He brought me to the living room where Starbuck was comfortably sitting in the middle of the floor.

Isis meowed at me and then looked at Starbuck and then back at me. He seems to be angry at Starbuck’s existence.

Sorry Isis, but Eileen had a much stronger case. I rule in favor of Starbuck’s existence.




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