I often write about my struggles with depression on facebook and twitter. I know sometimes it seems like I’ll write about not having motivation to do *thing* and then shortly after I’m doing *thing*

Something my friends and followers don’t see though is the hours of me lying in bed or sitting in a chair unable to move. Usually by the time I’ve gained enough motivation to write about my lack thereof, it all snowballs and peaks at once and then I’m able to do *thing*

Over the past month I’ve been unable to write anything. I have plenty of ideas floating around in my head but when I sit down to write my brain turns off. I’ve talked to a couple of friends about this problem over the last month, but it wasn’t until two days ago when I finally made a public post about it that something clicked and I was suddenly able to write again (hence this weekend’s sudden increase in posting). I don’t expect this current stream of motivation to last very long, so I’m taking advantage of it while it last.

The fact that when I write about it, my friends rally and encourage me also helps. So thanks friends.


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