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I often write about my struggles with depression on facebook and twitter. read more »

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Socially Acceptable Depression

Sometimes I wonder if my constant need to rationalize my depression to those who dont understand it is part of the reason for unrelenting rumination.

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Handling a Crisis

Yesterday was my birthday. I had spent the weekend with my friend who lives about two hours away from me. My plans for my birthday were: go to my therapy appointment, go home and watch Harry Potter, live tweet Harry Potter, go out to eat with my mom. It was gonna be pretty kick ass. Then I got a flat tire. read more »


Executive Function Impairment

I have been trying to write about Executive Functioning impairment and depression for a few days now with no success. read more »

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I was raped

Tw: graphic description of rape read more »

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Self Care – Accomplishments

Sometimes to keep myself from spiraling and stop rumination I remind myself of all of my accomplishments. read more »


I can’t sleep

CN: discussion of insomnia, hypersomnia, rumination; mention of suicide, self-harm read more »