Handling a Crisis

Yesterday was my birthday. I had spent the weekend with my friend who lives about two hours away from me. My plans for my birthday were: go to my therapy appointment, go home and watch Harry Potter, live tweet Harry Potter, go out to eat with my mom. It was gonna be pretty kick ass. Then I got a flat tire. read more »


Executive Function Impairment

I have been trying to write about Executive Functioning impairment and depression for a few days now with no success. read more »

Feminism Queer

Girls Count. Girls Matter.


I recently read a pretty good piece from Thought Catalog titled Girls Don’t Count. It inspired me to write about my own experiences with this subject.

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Shows I Like

Legend of Korra

Every post is going to start with my apologizing for not writing anything…so sorry. Last week I fell to the communists, which means lots of me writhing in pain and misery and my depression being ten times worse. read more »


Cat Hides Face

I was supposed to write something yesterday, but I accidentally left my laptop at my mom’s work, then I was too tired to figure out how to do it on my tablet when I got home. I have about five different ideas for posts floating around in my head right now, but I’ve barely had the energy to eat today let alone write anything. It seems that merely existing is exhausting for me. So today you get a series of pictures of Starbuck hiding his face.

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depression trauma

I was raped

Tw: graphic description of rape read more »

Blog stuff

Help me eat and put gas in my car and stuff

Hurray for me! I finally figured out how to properly install a paypal donation button on the sidebar! *throws confetti* read more »

depression PunsPunsPuns

Self Care – Accomplishments

Sometimes to keep myself from spiraling and stop rumination I remind myself of all of my accomplishments. read more »


I can’t sleep

CN: discussion of insomnia, hypersomnia, rumination; mention of suicide, self-harm read more »

Blog stuff


I’m sure by now all 20 of the visitors to my new blog have read the “About” page over and over again in eager anticipation of my first post. I wasn’t sure what to write so I thought I’d make a little introduction that explains some of my identifiers, introduces you to Troll Kitty, and lays out what I hope to accomplish with this blog. read more »