Skeptics: The Next Generation

The Skeptic Freethought network got a mention yesterday on Stephanie Zvan’s Almost Diamonds blog, also listing Heresy Club and Young Australian Skeptics. Fantastic! It’s so good to see a new generation of skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers to carry the torch.

I must admit that, at age 38, I’m probably the ‘old fart’ of the group. I joined Skeptic Freethought because I wanted to keep up my religious scholarship chops, since I majored in it at university, as well as write about atheism. Since I didn’t attend uni until much later, between age 30 and 34, I was already ten years older than my cohorts at school. Nevertheless, I’m very happy that I’m a part of this network bringing what I know to share here on my blog.

This weekend, several members of Skeptic Freethought, Heresy Club, and Young Australian Skeptics will be meeting online for a Google Plus hangout to discuss things skeptical. Scheduling is still in progress, but we will certainly inform you when it will happen. And if you do miss it, our meeting will be saved for posterity on YouTube. Check out more on this at Heresy Club.

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