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No, Dave Muscato: One Can Support LGBTQ Rights and Be a Christian (or why beliefs about what the Bible says are religious doctrines, too)

American Atheists recently posted a picture of a marriage equality protest with the hashtag #religionispoison. In defense of this hashtag, public relations director Dave Muscato tweeted, “If you’re a Christian and an LGBTQ supporter, you’re doing one of them wrong”.

This series of tweets has understandably caused a firestorm of online activity. Many responses, such as Dean Roth’s (January 16th on Chris Stedman’s blog), have argued that these statements are “appropriative”, “disrespectful and offensive to the queer people you claim to be supporting”, and unethetical/inappropriate behavior for an LGBTQ allies, wrongfully seeing gay people as “pawns in your game against religion”.

While others have argued that Dave’s tweet is an inappropriate thing for an LGBTQ ally to say, here I will put aside ethics and argue that the tweet is simply factually incorrect. There is no incompatibility between being a Christian and being a LGBTQ ally. In this post, I will assume that I am talking to an atheist audience. Christians will be unlikely to be convinced by the arguments I present because I assume several opinions commonly held amongst atheists but unlikely to be held by Christians. In this post, I will not engage with the internal theological debate amongst Christians as to whether or not Christians should support a theology inclusive of LGBTQ people. Instead, I will engage with whether or not Dave’s tweet, and subsequent post on Chris Stedman’s blog, can be maintained with assumptions common amongst atheists and I will show that it cannot.

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James Croft Interview, Part 2

Part 1 is available here.

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Chik-Fil-A & Intolerance

I keep seeing people trying to defend Chik-Fil-A by saying that we have freedom of speech and of belief in this country.

News flash: Freedom of belief, speech, etc, are not freedom from ridicule or contempt. When I am accused of being intolerant to those who are intolerant, I have only to say that, “Yes, I am precisely that.”

Atheism gay rights secular humanism

James Croft Interview, Part 1

Part 2 is available here.

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Men Assault Woman and Carve Message in her Flesh

I can’t bring up the words to describe this. For that reason, I’ll quote a news story from

According to the victim, three masked men broke into her home yesterday morning and tied her up with zip ties. They then proceeded to carve the word “dyke” into her skin and spray painted “we found u dyke” on her basement wall.
“They put gasoline on the floor and they lit the match. I think the intent was to burn her,” said close friend Erin Thompson. “Then they left and she managed to get out. She was still bound, so she was crawling on her hands and knees, and she got out the back door.”
The unnamed woman, who was naked and bleeding, managed to make her way to her to the home of neighbor Linda Rappl. “I was in shock,” Rappl told CNN. “She was naked, her hands were tied with zip ties. All I could see was a cut across her forehead and blood running down.

It really, really upsets me that someone brought together a plan to bring this to fruition. That they must have planned for quite a while in order to execute this. That no part of their being told them to stop. The kind of dehumanisation of another person that this involves is chilling.

Because I cannot muster the words to describe this, I will simply quote Sarah Hamilton’s Facebook status, which originally brought this incident to my attention:

Hey, so. Let’s suspend all opinions and debate over gay marriage for one second, because this greatly transcends the issue. If anyone on my list thinks it’s okay to treat someone like this or wants to try and justify it, please just…go. I won’t make a fuss, I won’t yell at you…just, leave my friends list now. This is unspeakably awful. This is not okay. This is the anti-okay. This makes me so angry. This is not how we treat our fellow human beings.