Are you interested in inviting me to speak or debate on a given topic? I’ll speak to any group and welcome suggestions, but what follows are topics that I am more prepared to speak on. For any of these topics, please provide at least one week’s notice so I can prepare. For suggested topics, give at least two weeks. Also, if you would like me to speak outside Virginia, please provide for lodging and transportation expenses. I do not have a speaking fee. As always, I can be e-mailed here. Also, don’t be afraid to invite me to speak at your church, synagogue, or other religious meeting!

Past Talks and Public Appearances

On the topic of Miranda Barbour and supposedly “Satanic” crime (delivered to a secular group in Hampton, Virginia):

My appearance on a special video produced by the “Reasonable Doubts” podcast on the topic of ‘Evidence, Theism, and Naturalism':

On the topic of how atheists should understand Christian allies of LGBTQ individuals:

My talk at the 2014 SSA: East conference:

I appeared on the HuffPost Live news program to discuss the rise of the “Nones” in the millennial generation.

Philosophy panel discussion on the ‘Faith and Skepticism’ podcast featuring Justin Schieber (of Reasonable Doubts), apologist Elijah Thompson (of Hashtag Apologetics), Tyler McNabb (of Warranted Religion), and myself:

FTB Con 2: Counter Apologetics Panel featuring Russell Glasser (of the Atheist Experience), Justin Schieber (of Reasonable Doubts), and myself:

The History of Atheism

“Does God Exist?”, debate at Liberty University between Max Andrews and myself


Do Science and Religion Conflict?: Talk I’ve delivered at University of North Carolina: Greensboro and at Roanoke College. I covered a novel way of examining the debate between science and religion.

The Early History of Atheism: I cover some aspects of the emergence of atheism in the 18th century.

Sophisticated Theology and Straw God Arguments: Is it really true that atheists reject God because they have not read enough “sophisticated” theology? I examine this claim as well as an example of a sophisticated theology. I gave this talk as part of the Counter Apologetics panel at the second Freethought Blogs conference (FTB Con 2).