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Knitting Podcast??

So, I’ve been on a monster binge of watching knitting podcasts mainly on YouTube. And I’ve been thinking about starting my own and soo… I did. Watch it below, it’s kind of long so if you’re not into this sort of thing, feel free to skip.

I’m probably going to see if I can switch my funding interval to monthly rather than per post/thing because I have a goal of podcasting once a week, and if I add that in addition to blog posts, that puts me over my original 2-5 posts a month estimate for you guys on Patreon so this should make it easier.

In where Ellen introduces herself and idlecatknits, the craft room, and gets super excited about new socks.

(My show notes will improve with time. I totally winged this episode so I’ll go over some details I missed on my next video.)

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