Gaming Newb Tutorials

Roller Coaster TycoonI was never a gamer growing up. My brother and I were not allowed to ever own a console. We would be allowed to rent a Nintendo 64 and two games for one week each if we had good grades at the end of a school year. Besides that, we had a limited selection of mainly educational 90’s PC games and my brother would buy the various iterations of Game Boy controllers with his own money where I preferred to save my dollars. Still, we both had some interest in games and while he went towards first-person-shooters and RPGs, I gravitated towards simulation and adventure games. Although we both played the original Roller Coaster Tycoon on our parent’s old Windows ’98 desktop for at least ten years after the fact.

These days though, I’m beginning to find more fun and value in video games, but I find myself a bit stunted in the inherent knowledge of gaming many others (especially guys) in my generation seem to have. The barrier to entry seems to necessitate having had a childhood filled with gaming experience that I just never received. But with a lot of wiki-reading and getting lost in some forums and a considerable amount of help from my more savvy friends, I’ve found a way to enjoy some rather complicated games today.

Still, I hate to think of others wanting to give these games a try without the help I’ve had and it’s inspired me to have the idea of creating gaming newb tutorials. Videos for other beginners with very little assumption as to skill level, intended to help people who didn’t grow up with gaming to get into games. Below are some games and ideas, what do you think?space-engineers-cover

  • Space Engineers
    • This is my latest obsession and is rather complicated – there are many video ideas I’ve had for this game for getting started if you’re unfamiliar with WASD+ to more specific game items and updates.Minecraft
  •  Minecraft
    • I know there’s a million beginner tutorials out there on this already, but one more couldn’t hurt.CIVILIZATION-V
  • Civilization V
    • A turn-based classic that could use some beginner basics that aren’t hours long.Skyrim
  • Skyrim
    • Another relatively simple but super fun game for beginners to learn on… it’s probably what got me back into gaming.Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II
    • An older but still really fun set of games with a great balance between story, adventure, puzzle and more. I’m currently playing through II for the first time.

Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing what other games I play, here I am on Steam!

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