Long Time No See

So… some of my friends who also blog here have been giving me shit(in a nice way) for not blogging lately. I admit it, I am a bit lazy when it comes to writing. Between my favorite shows and my PS4 and my PC games, I have a lot of ways to distract myself from writing. I cannot promise that I will keep myself on a regular schedule from here out, but I will try to write at least more than I have since I started this blog.

As long as this post seems to be about me, I suppose I will share a little of where my mind is at in regards to religion, philosophy, and atheism. Currently, I am still pretty obsessed with the “New Atheists” and how badly they get so much wrong. I don’t have anything in regards to that topic waiting to be written, as in, I do not have anything specific to share at the moment. That said, I plan on making myself sit through some debates or shows featuring the atheists I most disagree with and reviewing/responding to what they say. I cannot promise it will be pretty, but I suspect that the degree to which such posts will be interesting is inversely correlated with the degree of their “prettiness”.

Less importantly, I am constantly thinking of ways that my favorite shows and games relate to philosophy, religion, etc. Top on that list right now in my mind is the game I just snagged for my PS4: The Witcher 3. As in many open-world RPGs, this game puts you in moral situations and asks you to choose. One of the first such situations for me in the game was when I choose to help a dwarf find out who burned down his forge. It was easy to find the culprit, but that was because he was injured and drunk. Turns out he did it the night before in a drunken fit because he (wrongly, as I knew) believed that the dwarf was getting rich and hording the wealth while the rest of the village was in hardship. I could either let this man bribe me to leave him be or bring him to the dwarf. I choose the latter, thinking that the man needed to own up to what he did and make amends. I was then surprised that the dwarf immediately called the soldiers over and the man was hanged. I immediately regretted turning him in, but I don’t think I was wrong to do so on the expectations that I had.

Anyway, that was just one brief example among many I have experienced in the few hours I have played so far of the game. Perhaps I will take some time every so often to check in with you all, share an interesting story from the game. As it is right now, I just wanted to put something out there so that I will be motivated to do some more soon. And just so that I commit myself to something, I will say that my next post will be elaborating on an interesting ten-minute video on YouTube featuring Tracie Harris and Matt Dillahunty. Expect that post within the next couple days.