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A Clarification About My Blogging Intentions

I suppose this sort of thing should go without saying, as I alluded to it in my introduction post, but some recent events have called into question just how obvious it is. I fully intend to write about social justice issues, especially how they are relevant to the modern atheist movements. I don’t intend to do so because I am some sort of great expert on the topic, or because I have some great original ideas to put forth, but rather as a means to let out ideas that I have that I would normally keep inside. This blog is just as much a means for me to just vent as it is for me to do real writing that I intend to help others with.

Now, I don’t want to write about social justice issues exclusively, as I have more varied interests than just that, but yeah, I am not going to stop doing that either. If anyone reading my stuff about social justice thinks I am wrong, feel free to comment about it. Unless the comment is over-the-line in some aspect(abusive, threatening, propagating racism/sexism/ableism, etc), I will not squelch it, and will attempt to respond to it reasonably. Perhaps through reasonable discourse one of us can be convinced of the other’s position, or at the very least we can learn something.