Survey on Religion, Politics, and Social Support

I’ve made a short survey in attempt to do research on a subject that has always fascinated me: The relationship between social support and individual beliefs. The survey itself is only 10 questions, not nearly as complete as I’d like it to be. This is a sort of practice run for a much bigger project I’d like to do on the subject. I’ll post the link below, and if I get at least one hundred responses, I’ll write a brief report on what I expected to find and what I actually did find. I know that’s not a good enough sample size for such a complex issue, but I’m hoping that I can work out some bugs in the model for the bigger project I’m planning, and get some practice in analyzing data.

For anyone that takes it, I’d love to hear your comments on the survey; what is and isn’t working, or things I’ve overlooked. I’d also appreciate any textbook or other resource material suggestions on surveys and statistic analysis.

The survey itself can be found here:



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